"We have the power to overcome adversity, change our life direction and define our Fullest Potential."

George Kambouris -
CEO - Chief Energy Originator

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Why my life is Amazing!

HI my name is George Kambouris, a Greek Australian who graced this earth in 1963 born with spina bifida. The oldest of 4 boys, every stage of my life was a first - for me and my family.

When diagnosed with Spina Bifida in the 1960s, it was an uncommon medical situation. The resources were limited for wheelchair education, accessing certain shops and stores, so life for my family and I had to change to accommodate. However what I did realise, was that I had to set the expectation on how I wanted to be treated and respected.

My parents made a conscious and brave decision...to raise me no differently from my brothers - with no ‘special’ treatment! Imagine a household with 4 loud, highly active and competitive boys, fighting, loving, living, experiencing. For my family, my disability was nothing to be ashamed of or to be the reason for doing nothing. Rather it gave me the desire and motivation to achieve everything they did, or give it a damn good try!

We owned a family business in Woolloongabba for 40 years and after leaving Montrose Home Corinda school at age 16, I worked in the business alongside my parents for many years. I loved working with them and this is where I learned about work ethic, business, customer service and being passionate for what you believe in.

I love learning, playing sports and getting involved with my community. From 1985 to 2009, I represented at a national and international level in weightlifting and Hand Cycling, winning a multitude of medals for my efforts. I now invest my energy in supporting other disabled sports individuals to achieve their sporting goals.

As a business owner, I empower wheelchair bound individuals to take back ownership of their life. With programs such as Living on Wheels and Mobility for Beginners, we educate, motivate and support new wheelchair users on how to gain wheelchair pride-ability. Watching people realise how possible life can be for them in a wheelchair is powerful!

As a motivational speaker, facilitator and educator, I enjoy empowering organisations to become pro-disability friendly, whether to enhance the quality of their customer service to their disabled clients or sharing my experiences as a wheelchair-bound individual. It is my passion to share my story, give hope and life skills to enhance their life and those of everyone in contact with disability.

To find out how I can enhance your business, organisation and life, please do reach out.

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George - CEO - Chief Energy Originator!

Giving & Support

Giving back to the community and supporting disabilities education is important to me. Thank you to the organisations who have supported me in my life and have remained connected to me.

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To find out how I can enhance your business, organisation and life, please do reach out.